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How does it work?

  • We'll make your eshop mobile
    for a low monthly fee
  • We'll increase your conversion rate
    and number of page views per visit
  • Optimized for touch
    improved user experience

Optimized for touch


Tapomat is a unique solution which generates a mobile version of your exisiting ecommerce site, without any programming on your side. We support all ecommerce sites with XML product feeds (e.g. Google Merchant).


We are the fastest in the world. Forget the several-month projects with analysts and consultants. Tapomat will build your m-commerce site in a few hours or days.


We will create a well-organized product catalog browser with customizable product detail pages, a shopping cart with your checkout process and unparalled search engine. All that, optimized for the touch screen.
Tapomat makes shopping on a smartphone fun!


Tapomat saves you money. We will not only build and maintain your mcommerce site, but we will also add support for any new smartphone that comes on the market.
All that for a low montly fee.


Free or with a setup fee ...

You can easily setup a mobile website with Tapomat yourself!
Or choose one of our starting packages and we'll be happy to help you with the setup.

  DIY Warm up

Most favorite!

Online administration

Individual service for our special customers.

Custom design, features and more!

Documentation and support
We'll analyze your product catalog and create optimal custom XML sample feed for you.  
We'll setup the branding and add important text pages    
We'll configure the checkout process for you    


Try now

EUR 59


EUR 139


... then a low monthly fee

First 30 days are free!
Followed by a monthly fee based on the performance of your mobile website.


Mobile monthly sales

up to

800 EUR

up to

2,000 EUR

up to

8,000 EUR

more than

8,000 EUR
Orders sent via email
Online payments with PayU  
Orders appear directly in your ecommerce system via API or XML, with any online payment  

Monthly fee *

EUR 7.90

EUR 19.90

EUR 39.90

EUR 119

* Valid for 6 months plan and less than 30,000 products in the catalog.
Prices exclude VAT.